“It’s not a rock opera … it’s an Opera that rocks!” – Stewart Copeland

From the genius of Stewart Copeland and with the voice of Irene Grandi, the most spectacular Rock Opera with immersive video scenography.

A chronicle of sorcery, haunted by relentless persecution, entangled in sinister machinations, and veiled in medieval mystique…

The Witches Seed is a story inspired by vivid legends of the mountain cultures of central Europe and informed by historical trial documents from the bloodiest years of the Inquisition.In a time of social, spiritual, political and economic crisis due to the spread of the plague and of new heresies, three women are falsely accused of witchcraft, suffering persecutions and tribulations leading to an unexpected reckoning even as the flames rise around them.Through Inquisitor Buelli’s eyes we see his vision of the rampant evil that these women embody as they whip the villagers into orgiastic frenzy. Bishop Bascapé sees none of this. To him they are just three ordinary, if conspicuously influential women in the village. Their strength, wisdom and relative wealth make them a threat to the established order of medieval power.It is a story continuously on the edge, that plays Rashomon-like between reality and distorted visions; between characters of history and others of fevered hallucinations.The protagonists Isabetta, Nele, and Manzinetta have powerful tools at their disposal but will they be enough to save their lives? We know that over the centuries millions of women in Europe suffered atrocious torture and ended up at the stake or the gallows, how will the story end?


The Opera originates from an idea by Maddalena Calderoni and is the result of the collaboration and creativity of great artists:

The author of the orchestral score is Stewart Copeland. A multi-instrumentalist, composer, founder, and drummer of an iconic band like The Police, Copeland boasts 60 million records sold throughout his career, 6 Grammy Awards, and has composed unforgettable soundtracks for films such as Francis Ford Coppola’s “Rumble Fish,” Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” and “Talk Radio,” and Ken Loach’s “Raining Stones.”

In addition to the sound creation by the American artist, some songs composed by another prominent figure in pop-rock of recent decades, singer-songwriter Chrissie Hynde, leader of The Pretenders, are included in the score as a disruptive element in contemporary orchestration. The leading role in the opera is entrusted to Irene Grandi, an eclectic artist with an unmistakable voice, one of the most beloved figures in Italian pop-rock, with over 25 years of career and collaborations with artists such as Pino Daniele, Jovanotti, and Vasco Rossi.

Craftsman of the libretto is the British/Irish playwright Jonathan Moore, a well-known name to the most prestigious international theatrical institutions and author for the BBC, with collaborations with composers of the caliber of Michael Nyman, Ludovico Einaudi, and Copeland himself. For the 2024 revival, Jonathan Moore was also entrusted with directing, in collaboration with the eclectic choreographer and dancer Valentina Versino, an artist with a unique style born from encounters with great Masters of the Performing Arts, starting from Pina Bausch and David Zambrano. And then Marina Abramovich, Simone Forti, Andrew Harwood. And still, Nancy Star Smith, Julian Hamilton, Akram Khan, Frey Faust, Judith Malina.

Conducting the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra will be Troy Miller, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer; a rare talent whose artistic ability transcends genre boundaries. He has worked with Amy Winehouse, Adele, Chaka Khan, Macy Gray, Branford Marsalis, Kyle Eastwood, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, Sister Sledge, Q-Tip, Donna Summer. He has produced Jamie Cullum (Island Records), Laura Mvula (Sony), Gregory Porter (Blue Note), and Rag’n’Bone Man, while his conducting roles have taken him to the London Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia, and the BBC Concert orchestras.

The video scenographies that will transform the Arcimboldi Theater and the Alfieri Theater are signed by the internationally renowned concept & visual artist Edvige Faini, who has been collaborating for years with the most prestigious Hollywood production studios (having worked on films like “Planet of the Apes,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “300,” and “Sin City,” to name just a few) and with the most renowned global game houses (as a concept artist, she developed cult video games like “Assassin’s Creed Unity” and “Final Fantasy XV”).

The realization of the stage sets is entrusted to Lia Fabbrini, while the precious costumes are signed by Sartoria Klemann. The lighting is by Emiliano Pascucci.




Libretto and Direction


Creative Partner




Video Scenography


Light Designer




Animation Director


Immersive visual content manager


Costumes by Sartoria Klemann