“It’s not a rock opera … it’s an Opera that rocks!” – Stewart Copeland



The Nemo Academy is an Italian excellence in the digital arts. The Academy cooperates with numerous artists, studios, schools and companies, becoming an absolute reference internationally appreciated for innovative teaching that opens a window on the world.
The Academy participates in many important events, from Lucca Comics and Games, to Comic Con SanDiego to CTN in Los Angeles or AngĂ´uleme in France.


Manifattura di Domodossola is a company that embodies the excellence of Made in Italy in the world in the Fashion & Design field. Particularly sensitive to the new generations, Manifattura di Domodossola every year promotes INTRECCINCANTIERE, an ideas competition aimed at young creatives and students of design courses and art schools. Created in collaboration with Lineapelle and the BPM Group, the award is aimed at bringing out talented personalities and future protagonists of Made in Italy. The goal is to create a project / prototype belonging to one of the areas established by the regulation (leather goods, furniture, footwear, jewelery) using the company’s famous woven fabrics in a creative way. In 2019 Manifattura Domodossola introduced a theatrical costume section to involve young designers in the creation of the costumes for The Witches Seed.


Donne Si Fa Storia curates projects in the world of women doing business, tells stories of people, business models and strategies for innovation, supports companies in contaminating their knowledge and rethinking, to respond to the needs of our present. DSFS believes that knowing the experiences and business models conceived by women in the past (-100), can be an important lever to better understand the current situation and take inspiration to imagine the near future (+100). It is about starting to discover, women and men all together, a piece of history that has never been written. As part of THE WITCHES SEEDS, Donne Si Fa Storia has contributed with scientific research work starting from the literature and archival documentation on witches in the European Alps, has explored the socio-economic characters and contexts in which this figure took shape, provided a first collection of contents to inspire the creation of the work.